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Hearing Aid Repair Service

Do you have hearing aids that are out of warranty? Have you been told that your current hearing aids can no longer be repaired? Are you frustrated that the only solution being offered by your previous provider is to purchase another hearing aid however are not in a position to do so?

Quality Hearing Aid Repair Service

Here at West Midlands Hearing Aids, we not only provide impartial advice on the latest technology available, we also repair any hearing aid regardless of age or manufacturer, including NHS hearing aids. We offer quality hearing aid repair services at affordable prices.

Unlike other high street providers who can charge up to £500 per hearing aid for fine tuning, here at West Midlands Hearing Aids we offer a very competitive package:

  • Simple hearing aid repairs £50 per pair – includes an examination of both ears via otoscopy
  • Complimentary free health examination off both ears via otoscopy
  • Programming/tuning any adjustments for your hearing aids.
  • Complimentary full hearing test
  • Complimentary rehab and advice on maintaining the health of your hearing aids and
    providing expert tips on best performance.

——> If your hearing aid cannot be fixed in house then one of our hearing aid experts will send your hearing aid to the manufacturer at a cost between £99-150 depending on issue diagnosed.

West Midlands Hearing Aids value High street price
Receiver replacements (receiver in the canal hearing aids) or general programming/fine tuning £100 per pair Receiver replacements (receiver in the canal hearing aids) or general programming/fine tuning. Normally charged up to £500 for one hearing aid
We repair all types of hearing aid makes and models and are not owned by other manufacturers unlike high street brands that are Repairs limited to a selective range of hearing aid manufacturers


This cost varies due to any one of the factors below:

  1. extent of damage to the hearing aid
  2. cost of replacement parts
  3. for in the ear hearing aids if shell is damaged
  4. If an amplifier or receiver needs changing.

A free quotation shall be provided once the issue has been diagnosed. All you simply need to do is send in the make/model of your hearing aid and describe the issue via our contact form.

Alternatively, call us on 0121 369 0697 to arrange an appointment at one of our local clinics for hearing aid repair.

All postage is borne by the patients.

We send via special delivery £7 per parcel, however this depends on the value of the item being dispatched.

In rare instances hearing aids can get lost in the post, therefore we always advise you to insure your hearing aids at the original price you paid for them.

All hearing aid repairs come with a complimentary 6 month warranty once repair completed.