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Hearing Aid Specialists West Midlands

We are a team of fully qualified hearing aid specialists and audiologists in Birmingham with over 30 years of experience in the audiology sector. We provide state of the art up to date hearing aid technology in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and across the West Midlands.

Our hearing aid prices are competitive with all High street retailers for like technology and we pride ourselves on our service and customer care which is the most important value we hold. We are committed to treating our patients as individuals and are driven to improve their quality of life through better hearing. We provide hearing tests in our dedicated hearing aid facilities across Birmingham or we can arrange a home visit for convenience if our patients would prefer to be seen in the comfort of their own home.

We are your local hearing aid specialists in the West Midlands only covering a small territory to maintain that important relationship with every one of our patients which most national chains cannot provide due to the high volume of patients they see. We will always ensure we maintain continuity and ensure you always see the same audiologist in Birmingham for years to come.

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The way we hear the world around us is fundamental to the way we relate to it. Hearing loss can drastically affect your quality of life. That is why we are here to help you make important changes that can potentially improve your quality of life in incredible ways. Changes to our hearing are not usually detected quickly enough. So, why not find out about your hearing health today by taking our Free Online Hearing Test. It only takes 15 minutes and could be the beginning of a more fulfilled life.

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Hearing Aid Specialists and Professional Audiologists in Birmingham

We are a family of Audiologists in Birmingham and are available to meet with you and talk about your hearing-related problems. We offer quality hearing aids and tinnitus rehabilitation in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and across the West Midlands. We are very confident that we can find the best solution for your hearing loss. We truly listen with empathy and seek ways to help you find the perfect hearing aid that best suits your level of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle needs. So, go ahead and get in touch with us today for your free hearing loss consultation.

  • Independent consultant audiologists in the west midlands
  • Exclusive 60 day money back guarantee
  • Unlike other national chains we are a family owned buisness and are not owned by any off the manufacturers therefore we supply all makes and models
  • Honest impartial advise on the Right solution for you
  • Exclusive home visits at the comfort off your own home
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Our outstanding customer service is reflected in our customer reviews

“Great friendly service – will definitely be using again”


“Fabulous service and product.”

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“Friendly professional service. Fantastic product. Looks great.”

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Best and worst hearing aid retailers rated
Brand Staff Testing Product range Hearing aid appearance Hearing aid suitability Overall price Value for money Customer score
Local Independent Retailers 87%
Subscriber only content 79%
Subscriber only content 74%
Subscriber only content 71%
Subscriber only content 70%
Subscriber only content 62%

Our Hearing Aid Prices

Brand Hearing Aid Model Price (From)
Phonak Marvel from £895
Oticon OPN S from £1195
Resound LiNX Quattro from £1195
Widex Evoke from £795
Signia Xperience from £1095
Bernafon Viron from £1095
Starkey Livio from £795
Unitron Discover from £995
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Get to Know the Connection Between Hearing Loss and Your Health

We all know that hearing is important in order to experience the world around us, but what few people realize is how connected to the brain our hearing is. Our expert audiologists are here to provide much-needed information about how hearing loss can affect the brain, leading to social isolation and even depression. When left untreated, hearing loss could eventually lead to mental health problems and as current research advises it is a contributing factor for cognitive decline namely leading to vascular dementia.

Having fitted hearing aids for over 15 years now we have found that early diagnosis and interven-tion with hearing aids has proved to be the most successful formula for longevity of cognitive func-tioning in relation to spoken communication.


Hearing Loss Solutions to Fit Your Lifestyle

The type of hearing loss solution you need will depend largely on your lifestyle needs. If you spend time in noisy social environments from family gatherings, engaging in social events, or you spend your time in less noisy places like the office, at home and having quiet lunches with friends, we have exactly what you need. Our professional audiologists will work with you to recommend the best solution for your lifestyle.

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World-Class Providers

Whilst our audiologists in Birmingham have over 15 years worth of experience and expertise, we also ensure that we work with industry leaders to provide world-class hearing loss solutions for you. Our partners are at the forefront of the hearing loss industry and provide technologically advanced solutions designed to help you live your life to the full.


Convenient Payment Plan

Because we know how important your hearing is to your health and wellbeing, we have created a flexible payment plan to enable you to get the hearing loss solution you need in a convenient fi-nance plan. This is to help you spread the cost so that you can pay attention to what really matters. Get to enjoy your hearing aid without worrying about the finances. Find out more about our pay-ment plans.

hearing aid specialist
hearing aid specialist

We Offer Wax Removal and Hearing Care Services

We offer an advanced hearing test and technologically innovative hearing aids, but we don’t stop there. We are the full package when it comes to your hearing care needs. So, contact us for an ar-ray of hearing services, including ear wax removal, micro-suction, and consultation with our expert audiologists in Birmingham about hearing protection solutions.



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